Relief Emergency

HVO seeks partners with stakeholders to respond to those suffering from hunger, disease, and lack of shelter in difficult places. We can reach them, care for them and act. The lack of access to food remains a significant challenge to most people in hard to reach places in South Sudan. As a local partner, HVO seeks to support vulnerable and at-risk persons in hard to reach areas to eradicate hunger through the provision of food assistance and empowering them to build resilience to their livelihood and food security.

HVO abides with the country humanitarian imperative that seeks to save lives, alleviate suffering and uphold dignity in areas of most severe need

Food Assistant

Hope Vision has provided food assistance to over 20,000 people suffering from hunger in Lol and Amadi States from 2017-19.

Feeding Program

When people live without food, especially children, life activity becomes a challenge. Children are the most affected by this, and they continue to suffer. This is particularly seen in countries with continuous wars, and people are left to starve. In rare cases, we respond in natural disasters or intervene in the war crisis as well as providing life-saving provisions.




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