Food Security & Livelihood

According to the South Sudanese Humanitarian Response Plan for 2019, Over 5.1 million South Sudanese people remain food insecure

HVO aims to work with and support 10,000 vulnerable people to rebuild resilience to food and nutrition security and protect the environment.

Agriculture is the power of every community’s livelihoods. It is a tradition of many communities to cultivate just enough for their survival. This is due to lack of skills and tools to utilize their land. But we in HVO seek to help provide the scientific knowledge and engage communities in need within mass agriculture efforts to help families to enable them support their communities and extend help to others as well. (Add some information is about Livelihood).

HVO, therefore, aims to contribute to the prevention of famine and build households’ coping capacities by providing life-sustaining and life-saving food, livelihood assistance, increasing food production, and building productive assets for more sustainable livelihoods.

HVO since 2018 has supported a total of 2,570 poor farmers to build resilience to food security through extended support with seeds and tools in Raja and Aroyo Counties.




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